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Planning phase

Different planning phases

The entrance building creates a distinct entrance from the North

The entrance building creates a distinct entrance from the North


Following COOP HIMMELB(L)AU's optimisation {3.1 optimisation phase} of its winning design in 2005, on the basis of the reviewed functional, spatial and technical requirements, as well as the budget established, the project moved into the preliminary planning phase (2006) and from there into the detailed planning phase (2007).

The different stages

The preliminary as well as the detailed planning phase involved:

  • Preparing and implementing the necessary tender procedures to award services contracts to planners, experts, architects, engineers and construction companies that would be involved in the planning and construction of the premises
  • Submitting the plans to the authorities of the City of Frankfurt in order to obtain the necessary building permits and reviewing all plans for compliance with the applicable building regulations, e.g. building code, fire protection and health and safety standards
  • Updating the cost plan in order to confirm the overall budget
  • Developing the design and the corresponding detailed drawings based on the reviewed building specifications and on continuous value engineering