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Eurosystem reserve management services

Eurosystem reserve management services are a range of banking and custody services offered by the Eurosystem to central banks, monetary authorities, state institutions located outside the euro area and to international organisations to enable them to manage their euro-denominated reserve assets comprehensively, efficiently, and in a safe, confidential and reliable environment.

The full range of these services is provided by certain national central banks of the Eurosystem – referred to as the Eurosystem Service Providers – within a single framework coordinated by the ECB. This provides for harmonised terms and conditions that ensure consistency throughout the euro area.

As the reserve management services provided under the Eurosystem framework are addressed to the specific group of customers mentioned above, they should not be seen as competing with the services offered by private financial institutions. The services are tailor-made to address the specific needs and concerns of institutions that operate in the same area of central banking as the Eurosystem.

More detailed information on the services available within the framework can be obtained by contacting the Eurosystem Service Providers at the e-mail addresses below or via the ECB at or by telephone on +49 69 1344 3470. Some other Eurosystem central banks do not commit to offer the complete set of Eurosystem reserve management services. They are called “Individual Service Providers”.

FX Global Code

The Eurosystem participated in the development of the FX Global Code, which sets out a common set of guidelines for best practice in the wholesale foreign exchange market. The Eurosystem is committed to conducting all its foreign exchange market activities in line with the principles of the Code.

FX Global Code: A set of global principles of good practice in the foreign exchange market
Statement of commitment to the FX Global Code

Eurosystem service providers

The Eurosystem Service Providers (ESPs) comprise Eurosystem members who commit to provide the complete set of Eurosystem reserve management services under harmonised terms and conditions.

Contact details
Deutsche Bundesbank

Market Operations Division Central Bank Services
+49 69 9566 1600

Banco de España

Payment Services to Other Institutions Division
+34 91 338 5459

Banque de France

Market Operations Division Reserve Management Services

Banca d'Italia

Payment System Department Payment and Correspondent Services Division
+39 0647925145

Banque Centrale du Luxembourg

Reserve Management

De Nederlandsche Bank

Payments and Securities Department

Individual service providers

The Individual Service Providers (ISPs) comprise Eurosystem members who provide one or more of the Eurosystem reserve management services but do not commit to offer the complete set of Eurosystem reserve management services.

Contact details
Nationale Bank van België/Banque Nationale de Belgique

Payments and securities
+32 2 221 20 48

Central Bank of Ireland

Payments & Securities Settlement Division
+353 1 224 5447

Lietuvos Bankas

Payments and Settlements Division

Banco de Portugal

Payments Infrastructure Division
+351 21 31 30 600